Sights in Algyő

The visitors are welcomed by a great number of sights, the medieval Saint Ann church and the Süli András House can be visited with a pleasant walk and if someone is interested in the local customs and the folk medicine then they can find meaningful activities in the Folk house (Tájház) and in the EzerJóHáz. A wine cellar is located under the EzerJóHáz and there is also an atmospheric terrace in front of its entrance. For more details:


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FaluhazThe Village House of Algyő operating for more than 20 years gives home for the local cultural life. It is one of the most modern cultural institutes of the region providing several functional tasks with its club rooms and open-air stage. Theatre plays, concerts, clubs, workshops, meetings and festivities are held here. For more details:

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TiszaviragzasThe hotel is situated just 200 meters off the bank of the River Tisza, far away from all noise so nature lovers can find their peace here. An afternoon walk on the Tisza riverbank, maybe there is nothing more beautiful and calming than this. Fishing early in the morning? Or observing the amazing Tisza-blooming? But what is Tisza-blooming anyways? It is wonderful, mysterious, indescribable and exciting. Around the time of the summer solstice (midsummer) the mysterious mayflies are looking eagerly for their couples in masses above the water in these few hours. Anyone who witnesses this wonderful mess that can see the most spectacular mayfly swarming time in the Carpathian basin.

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The Borbála Spa has been operating since 2007. The guests can spend their free time just taking a rest or doing some sports or healing as a state-of-the-art medical centre awaits them. 5 inside pools and 1 open-air pool with medicinal water, sauna, solarium, pedicure, swimming lesions and baby swimming await our guest. For more details:
Borbála FürdőBorbála FürdőBorbála Fürdő

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Opportunities for sports:

– Football field with artificial turf
– gym,
sports hall of the Fehér Ignác Elementary School for indoor sports, size: 40×20 meters, maximum number of spectators: 420.
outdoor fitness park,
skateboard and rollerblade track,
– public shooting range for air weapons

– horse track,

Vista point tower

This vista point opened recently. You can take a look at our wonderful township from above. It is a perfect place for some relaxation and some barbaque; it is suggested for all nature lovers. :)





The Sun City Leisure Time and Watersports Centre is located between Szeged and Hódmezővásárhely and it lies on a more than 16 hectare area in a wonderful natural area with several relaxation and fun opportunities either for an active rest or for those who are just looking for calmness and rest

-beach volleyball
-beach football
-adventure park
-jet ski
-children’s castle
-pirate ship


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For the lovers of fishing we recommend the fishing place nearby:
9 kms from Szeged, on the way to Hódmezővásárhely you have to take the left turn towards the railway station of Algyő, then after the rails again a left turn. Pond No. II. and III. can be approached only on foot, by bike or scooter, other motor vehicles have to be left in the parking lot next to Pont No. I.
Boilie fishing, feeding, fishing competitions
Types of fish: carp, grass carp, crucian, cat-fish, bream, zander, pike, sheat-fish
Located in the outskirts of Algyő between the dam of River Tisza and the bridge at Irma Farm. It is managed by the fishing association.
Types of fish: carp, grass carp, pike, sheat-fish, zander, silver crucian, bream, cat-fish
Licenses valid for the area: combined, Main canal at Algyő, sporting fishermen
Combined daily ticket, Daily ticket for the Main Canal at Algyő
Driving from Szeged on Main road 47 towards Hódmezővásárhely before the bridge on River Tisza take a turn left then drive 6 kms on the asphalted road on the dam you will find the southern end of the oxbow. You have to take the turn before the dam keeper’s house on the asphalted road that leads along Dock No. I. and the pier to the lake keeper’s house and to the guest houses.
Boats, use of the pier, boilie fishing, feeding, night fishing
Types of fish: carp, grass carp, crucian, cat-fish, zander, pike, sheat-fish, eels

Daily ticket: HUF 800
Accompanying / tanning ticket: HUF 200
Free entrance under 10 years of age
Sports ticket: HUF 1000 / fishing rod
Night fishing: HUF 1500 / fishing rod + price of the fish
Sports ticket: 6:00-18:00 HUF 1500
14:00-19:00 HUF 1000
16:00-18:00 HUF 500
Night fishing: HUF 2000
Boilie fishing on big lake: 6:00-18:00 HUF 3600 / 2 fishing rods


The Szeged Zoo opened its doors in 1989.
Animal Collection is not the biggest in Hungary. Medium-sized zoo. However, if the animals rarity, the conservation value we look at the Szeged Zoo is one of the most extraordinary in our country. These animal species even in European terms is rarity, so you might want to visit there.




Mora Ferenc Museum

Somogyi town museum and library founded in 1883. Károly Somogyi, Esztergom canon of books donated to the city Permanent exhibition and temporary exhibitions are made to visitors.



Ildiko Nagy Gálné weaving folk artist debut:

Carpets, cushions, making satchels, traditional farmhouse looms, hand-weaving technique, rags, cotton and wool materials, high color, size and pattern selection, according to individual needs.
I make the homespuns on a museum piece „peasant” weaving loom in my workroom in Algyő. My work room is an exhibition room as well, where my works can be viewed.
My working place is open for groups and individual guests as well, who can come at an agreed date and get some taste of the tradition of weave and the can try out their chic on the weaving loom as well.

My husband is a folk musician, he presents the beauty of zither music to our guests. He keeps folk music plays and lessons for children.

Entrance fee:
The exhibition entrance and is free.
My guest could buy from my stock, or we can plan unique ideas and I can do it in few weeks.

Trade exhibition
1-5 person: 800 HUF/person
6-10 person: 600 HUF/person
11 or more, groups: 500 HUF/person

Opening hours:
At an agreed date

6750, Algyő, Csángó street 31.
tel./fax: +36 62 268-239, Mobil: +36 30 473-5309

Ezerjófű Medical Protecting Group


The action of Organisation
Performances, practical presentations
Food and drink presentations
Courses, trainings for adults
Playful tasks for children
Leading study groups
Camps for children
Herb gardening
Guided tours in the herbal garden
Cultivation of herbs
Collecting herbs
Processing of plants, packaging
Visit the garden in the price of Folk House
Guided tours under 5 person – 300 HUF/person, 1000 HUF minimally
Guided tours over 5 person – 300 HUF/person, 3000 HUF maximally
(Visiting the garden with an expert)
Extended guided tours under 5 person – 400 HUF/person, 1500 HUF minimally
Extended guided tours over 5 person – 400 HUF/person, 4000 HUF maximally
(A guided tour with tea presentation and tasting)
Presenter task – 3000 HUF/group, from 10 person minimally
(Collecting plants and processing)
Tasks in the herbal garden – 4000 HUF/group
( Tea tasting for kindergarten and school groups)