„Gyevit ne tessék keresni a térképen, mert a térképen csak Algyő található, egy macskaugrásnyira Szegedhez. De hát a makfa mondhat, amit akar, a gyevi magyar mégiscsak jobban tudja a faluja nevét, mint a mappa.”Móra Ferenc: A gyevi törvény


Faluhaz_kulsoThe large village of Algyő lies on the right bank of river Tisza, only 10 km from Szeged. The settlement is inevitably one of the jewel-boxes of Hungary; with its picturesque beauty and hospitable inhabitants it recalls the past century to weary wayfarers. Algyő is the “herb garden” of Hungary as this land is famous for the knowledge of herbs and traditional medicine.

Innumerable sights await guests. Visiting the medieval Saint Anne Church or the House of András Süli is a program for a nice walk and if you are interested in folk customs and traditional medicine, you can find substantial entertainment in the Country House and in the herb garden.

In addition to the old values of the traditional image of Algyő visitors can also discover the achievements of the modern age. The school and the sports facilities of the settlement would show their ground in any big cities of Europe. The local Borbála Spa is well-known of its medicinal water. In the spa not only thermal water but also a modern medicinal centre awaits people wishing to get healed.

Hotel Lavender

The Hotel Lavender was born from the marriage of tradition and modernity as the building with clean lines hides modern rooms. At the same time, the ornamental elements and tiny fine accessories recall old ages. Its unique atmosphere captivates guests, be it either a rest with the family, a wedding or a company event in the conference hall.


Levendula Hotel szoba (9)Our hotel has 18 double rooms, 1 for handicapped people and 2 suits for families. The rooms come with bathroom with shower cabin, AC, safe, minibar, hairdryer, phone and flat-screen TV. WIFI is also included. We have a parking lot in the hotel yard. Our conference room has a capacity for 70 people and it has been arranged to the requirements of the modern standards. Our restaurant with the capacity of 120 people can be even suitable for family occasions, school reunions but also work as the venue of a wedding reception. We have our own kitchen with the capacity of up to 600 portions where we can prepare all sorts of meals only from quality ingredients for our guests.
You can rent a bike here:
2 hours – free
3 hours – 1200 HUF/ bike
4 hours – 2000 HUF / bike
1 day – 2500 HUF / bike
We provide free scooter ( rollers) for childrens!